eBook: Legal Technology Toolkit

Hyperion Global Partners and Mitratech have prepared this guide as a resource and toolkit to show non-Legal-department stakeholders the ways that Legal Operations effectively adds strategic value to the entire company and be a leader in innovation.

It can be hard to understand what others are doing in their jobs, unless you’re sitting down with them day after day. So our goal is to make it obvious why Legal Operations is asking for its own tech solutions and what that technology is used for.

To the extent they can, legal department leaders look for opportunities to embrace the rising discipline of Legal Operations. Moreover, they should actively demonstrate to company leadership and other stakeholders how technology solutions such as Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) can increase efficiencies, improve outcomes, reduce costs, protect revenue, and
improve decision making through increased insight and smarter planning.

Discover valuable insights on…
• Why legal tech isn’t like the tech tools used elsewhere in a company
• How to take an RFP approach to ELM selection
• How to satisfy the needs of non-Legal stakeholders

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