Electronic Device Macromodeling, Circuit and 3D Electromagnetic Simulation

The data rates of modern high-speed electronics mean that these are effectively high-frequency devices. At these frequencies, electromagnetic wave effects, combined with the 3D structure and non-ideal material properties of the component, can lead to signal integrity (SI) and power integrity (PI) issues that can cause a malfunction. Using simulation during the design process can help engineers to identify potential SI or PI problems and mitigate them. However, such simulations are very challenging due to the extreme complexity of state-of-the-art high-speed applications.

The Electronics Design Analysis solution by Dassault Systèmes seamlessly combines macromodeling, circuit and 3D electromagnetic simulation within CST Studio Suite. This includes models at both circuit and full 3D level, thus predicting the real-world performance of complex systems. Using this approach, electromagnetic interference, cross-talk, conducted and radiated emissions and susceptibility can be fully understood and controlled before they become a problem.

Learn how this solution can improve the circuit modeling process by:

  • Shortening time-to-market by identifying problems early in the design phase
  • Reducing cost by replacing expensive physical tests with high accuracy simulation
  • Eliminating multiple engineering prototype builds per device
  • Improving reliability using robust design principles & virtual design space exploration

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