Elevator Phone Line Replacement Strategy | A Guide to Reliable, Code-Compliant Solutions

The safety of employees and visitors to government facilities is of paramount importance. With government facilities frequently at the epicenter of massive events, a focus on emergency communications is critical. As modernization efforts roll out across all facets of government infrastructure – from IT to sustainable building practices -- the connectivity of facility-based emergency communications should be incorporated into plans. This guide outlines regulatory shifts impacting your facilities' long-standing emergency communications tech and processes for better reliability and safety.

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  • Future-Focused Landline Replacement Options
    With traditional landlines being phased out, it's good to know your options for replacing existing phone lines. Get vital information about how available options may or may not work with your life safety devices.
  • Security Considerations
    All phone line replacement solutions are not created equal. As landlines are phasing out, many buildings are replacing their landlines with VoIP systems. While perfectly fine for many building communication needs, VoIP carries serious risks for emergency phones.
  • Continuity in Emergency Preparedness
    Take  action to help ensure a reliable emergency response when seconds count. Our easy-to-follow checklist walks you through properly and thoroughly testing your elevator phones.
  • ..And More!

This guide dedicates 10 pages to your elevator phone line replacement strategy to help ensure code compliance and reliability for the future.

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