Forrester Report: Prevalance Of Legacy Tools Paralyzes Enterprises’ Ability To Innovate

Legacy infrastructure and application monitoring tools are extremely prevalent today, but they continue to stifle business growth and hinder digital transformation. A recently conducted Forrester survey reveals that 86% of companies are using incomplete, legacy tools for infrastructure & application monitoring. Tools such as these are placing companies in survival mode rather than transformation mode.  

Additionally, 33% are using 20 or more tools, adding complexity, hindering agility, and opening them up to security risks and high costs. To address their challenges, forward-thinking enterprises are looking to drive extensive automation and gain real-time insights with AI and ML.   

Download this Forrester report to discover the current and future state of IT Ops monitoring tools. You will also learn how an AIOps-enabled monitoring solution empowers you to: 

  • Minimize your toolset to reduce complexity and downtime  
  • Revolutionize your IT operations to focus on innovation and collaboration  
  • Gain complete end-to-end visibility to resolve issues quickly and reduce downtime and costs  

 With AIOps, your digital transformation will be at top speed.

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