Goodwill Industries Doubles Throughput with V-locity I/O Reduction Software

Goodwill Industries' SharePoint backups were taking four to five hours to complete and would time out as a batch job, their Kronos workforce management was sluggish during peak hours, and 40 hours a month was spent managing the LeftHand SAN due to fragmentation issues.

“At the time we thought our only option was a premature rip-and-replace of our SAN architecture. Since a $300K expenditure wasn’t a luxury we could afford at the time, we needed a way to improve I/O performance on the hardware infrastructure we already had while also finding a space reclamation solution,” said Matthew Thompson, Database Systems Administrator.

Matthew looked into V-locity® I/O reduction software. Being somewhat skeptical that a 100% software solution could solve all his performance issues, Matthew reached out to the Condusiv sales team for an evaluation of V-locity in his real-world environment. 

“After V-locity was deployed, SharePoint backup times were cut in more than half. Backups that took four to five hours now take just two hours. I now have my Friday evenings back,” said Matthew.

The servers running Kronos workforce management software saw throughput double as well. Prior to V-locity, it took an average of 2.64 minutes to process 1GB of data with a maximum of 22.72GB per hour. After deploying V-locity, the servers running Kronos could process 1 GB of data in 1.26 minutes with maximum throughput jumping to 47.54GB per hour.

Since V-locity optimizes I/O at the VM layer, it ensures files are written in a clean sequential manner. Matthew no longer had the fragmentation issues that ballooned volumes on his HP LeftHand SAN.

"I no longer lose 40 hours a month babysitting my systems,” said Matthew.

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