Guide to the New Normal: How to Strengthen Recruiting and Retention During the Great Resignation

Nearly two years into the pandemic, the workforce is shifting dramatically. Businesses are trying to recover economically from the pandemic, but many face trouble getting fully staffed up. Inflation is rising, and so are demands for higher wages. Employees want to be able to work from home and expect more flexibility from employers to help balance the demands of work with family life.

Asure created this guide to provide business leaders with ideas and insights about what’s driving the Great Resignation and how to respond. We’ll examine key areas to focus on so your company can both attract great candidates and hold onto existing talent: workforce flexibility, employee mental health, employee experience and engagement, and technology.

What you can expect with this free guide: 

  • The Great Resignation
  • Focus on Flexibility
  • Support Employee Mental Health
  • Fill the Skills Gap
  • Strengthen Employee Experience
  • Improve Technology

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