How CBRE is Increasing Data Literacy for Over 3,000 Employees

Listen to Emily Hayward, Data & Digital Change Manager, CBRE unpack how 3000 employees are upskilling in data literacy and more.

Key Quotes:

Be enthusiastic about your learning program and find people that are really passionate about what you do. Get people on board that will evangelize what your program is there to do and evangelize its benefits–people who will bring the program to life. More people will buy into it if you pull out the, “What's in it for Me?” factor and make it really relevant to their job. If you are able to bring that to life for people every step of the way, you will have the key to success provided your learning content matches the promises your program makes.

Put people on your project team that aren't just delivering it because they have to, because it’s a part of their performance objectives, or because they are just coming into work to do a job. Recruit people onto your team that are are passionate and energized about it. That energy rubs off on people because it’s infectious. People buy into people that believe in what they're selling. So find out who those people are and put them on your program.

Key Takeaways:

1-When implementing any new learning program, it’s vital to identify and answer, “What’s in it for Me?” if you want to build excitement and secure buy-in from your organization.

2-At the beginning of any change management process, include planning sessions for resistance tactics, where your team brainstorms all of the possible reasons people will resist the changes and develop a response strategy for them.

3-Keep the learner at the center of your focus throughout every step of your data literacy program’s development and implementation. This helps you ensure you are making the program relevant and valuable for each team member.

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