How Machine Learning Technology Improves M&A Deal Points

Manual contract creation and review can be a major pain point in the legal process. What if you could extract actionable insights from your contract database to improve future agreements and make more favorable negotiations? What if this data could reveal trends in M&A deal points, like how common non-competition clauses are among certain types of sellers?

Machine learning technology grants law firms this level of power and analysis across their existing contracts, with vast improvements over manual review. 

Download this study and learn how machine learning technology from Kira allows your firm to analyze its own deals with significantly greater speed, consistency and accuracy than a manual review. You’ll learn:

  • How to easily find and extract precedent clause language for future use
  • How to create a searchable archive of data from your contracts
  • The type of insights you can extract from your contracts
  • Examples of specific M&A deal points and analysis you can gather

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