How to Accurately Track Your Social Media Buzz

Marketers used to rely on customer surveys and media coverage to track buzz surrounding their company. But now, social media has turned the whole world into a huge, always-on focus group, making social media monitoring tools essential for any marketer. By tracking how your brand is discussed in social, you can measure the success of your campaigns, or adapt your strategy on the fly in response to live feedback from your audiences.

Stay on top of the buzz with this tip sheet:

Discover the secret formula for turning brand awareness into brand loyalty

Know which numbers to pay attention to for a more accurate measure of campaign performance

Understand why post volume and other vanity metrics may have nothing to do with the success of a campaign

Establish a buzz baseline before you begin your campaign so you can analyze new engagements

This tip sheet takes the guesswork out of tracking the conversations surrounding your campaigns. Whether you are trying to become a thought leader, generating leads, increasing brand awareness, or dealing with a crisis, analyzing social buzz can provide you with a clear direction for success.

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