How to build a resilient tech support culture and why it is critical to your team’s success

Despite headlines about some very large employers forcing all workers back to the office, the world of work has changed forever for most organizations. Whether 100% remote or hybrid, the new reality means that tech teams are supporting colleagues and customers who expect to work from anywhere, at any hour, and with access to anything and everything needed to get the job done.
In this webinar, we examine how changes in the way we work are impacting support organizations and the customers they serve. We’ll discuss how successful teams are adapting to the new ways of working and talk about what’s next. You’ll learn:
• How remote work creates challenges - and opportunities - for IT leaders finding, retaining, and advancing the careers of service and support staff
• The implications of changing customer expectations for tech support delivery people, process, and technology
• How organizations are changing team structures to effectively serve more customers with smaller, and often remote and hybrid, support teams
• How culture and connection can be preserved in a hybrid workplace
• How technology, and technology strategies are evolving to address critical existing and emerging support challenges

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