How Vaccine Trials Are Improving Visibility and Control

There has never been a more important—or challenging—time for vaccine trials. Investigators, sites and participants are in short supply even as more vaccine candidates enter the trial phase.

The pandemic has sharpened the pain: Furloughs and elective procedure delays dwindled limited resources. Many providers have little appetite for taking on new trials and the obligations that come with them. At the same time, people are more aware of the lifesaving good that clinical trials do. They want to participate, but they don't know how—and short-staffed sites lack the resources to help them.

Sponsors can navigate these challenges with site-level support that goes beyond temporary staffing. They provide clinical research professionals, technology, patient outreach and resource support from data entry to educational content. Trial sponsors who use these services:

  • Diversify participant representation 
  • Ensure ongoing participation
  • Fill enrollment goals faster

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