Improved Longevity of Hard Drives at MB Financial Bank

MB Financial Bank was an early adopter of automatic disk defragmentation, and has been a Condusiv customer since 2002. Their original evaluation was based on the idea that fragmentation slows down system performance and incurs excessive wear and tear on the drive.

Delivering proactive technology solutions that benefit the business bottom line is the responsibility of Mike Macikanycz, Vice-President of Information Technology and Senior Technical Lead at MB. He’s convinced a proactive approach to IT in general has resulted in smoother sailing for the organization. That “general approach” includes the area of file fragmentation.

“Diskeeper® performance software works so well we just take it for granted,” noted Mike. With Diskeeper in use for over eight years, “we haven’t been faced with the challenges that probably prompt companies to look into disk defragmentation utilities to solve their problems.”

Ensuring fragmentation never impacted the ability of MB to service their customers from the get-go all falls in line with the MB IT team’s forward thinking, contributes to the company’s success and allows them to focus their attention on other IT projects.

IT benefits as well with Diskeeper’s trademarked “Set It and Forget It”® solution. The IT staff is convinced that because they’ve always used Diskeeper, they have less problems and issues than they would without it.

The use of Diskeeper for most of the past decade has resulted in quantifiable ROI, ongoing savings to MB, and has helped the IT team to focus on other areas associated with the company’s strategic growth.

Download the full case study to find out more about the services that MB provides, their environment, and how they have benefited from Diskeeper.

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