Interview Intervention ($11.46 Value) FREE for a Limited Time

If you are interviewing with a company, you are likely qualified for the job. Through the mere action of conducting the interview, the employer essentially implies this. So why is it difficult to secure the job you love? Because there are three reasons you actually get the job-none of which are your qualifications- and, unfortunately, you can only control one of them. Interview Intervention creates awareness of these undetected reasons that pose difficulty for the job-seeker and permeate to the interviewer, handicapping the employer's ability to secure the best talent. It teaches interview participants to use effective interpersonal communication techniques aimed at overcoming these obstacles. It guides job-seekers through the entire interview process to ensure they get hired. It teaches interviewers to extract the most relevant information to make sound hiring decisions. Interview Intervention will become your indispensable guide to:

  • Create self-awareness to ensure you understand the job you want before-not after-the fact.
  • Conduct research to surface critical employer information.
  • Share compelling stories that include the six key qualities that make them believable and memorable.
  • Respond successfully to the fourteen most effective interview questions.
  • Sell yourself and gather intelligence through effective question asking.
  • Close the interview to ensure the interviewer wants to hire you.

This offer expires on 11/12/2021

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