Job Seeker Manual – Book Summary

he company you want to work for is profitable. It dominates its competitors. Customers love its products. There’s just one problem: The organization’s culture is a disaster. Its employees hate their jobs, and that’s how you’ll feel if you go to work there. If you don’t learn about the firm’s culture before accepting a position, you could be in for a nasty surprise. Organizational culture consultant Sheila L. Margolis, head of the Workplace Culture Institute, teaches you how to decipher the culture of a firm before you become its newest employee. Her succinct guide includes handy worksheets and “maps” to help you codify your purpose and principles, diagnose a prospective company’s culture and determine if you can flourish there. getAbstract recommends Margolis’ step-by-step, easy to follow workbook to all job applicants and to HR managers seeking to understand their company’s culture in greater depth.

In this summary, you will learn:

  • Why “cultural fit” matters to employees and companies;
  • How to build a “core culture map” outlining the “purpose, philosophy and priorities” of an organization you might join;
  • How to build a “job seeker map” identifying your “purpose and principles”; and
  • How to compare the two maps to perform a “core cultural fit audit.”

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