Attorney’s Guide to Virtual Receptionists


Attorney-client relationships are built on trust—a process which begins with the very first phone call. If a potential or current client is unable to reach a real person, or happens to catch you at a bad moment, those poor experiences can damage trust. Having a real person answering your phone not only creates a great experience for your callers, it continues to build your client’s trust.

A virtual receptionist is a great tool for ensuring every call is answered promptly and professionally, as well as creates a great experience for callers. This guide provides an overview of virtual receptionist services, as well outlines virtual receptionist services and features most useful for attorneys, including:

  • Customized call handling based on type of call
  • Ability to make temporary changes to your call handling on the fly
  • Options for receiving messages (e.g. Email, text, both)
  • Handling frequently asked questions and client intake

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