Medicare Advantage Enrollment Trends: The Potential to Serve Disadvantaged Communities

As plans prepare for Open Enrollment (OE), it’s critical to understand what beneficiaries need as these Medicare Advantage (MA) plans look to recruit new and retain existing beneficiaries. It’s also critical for plans to understand historical data in specific regions to make appropriate expansion decisions.

In this report and blog, we will provide insight into areas that appear to be underserved by MA, areas where MA penetration is trending down, and areas actively growing.

The dashboard allows users to view national level Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment changes from 2020 to 2021 as well as American Community Survey Population Indicators and Historical ACO penetration rates for the counties with a 5% or greater enrollment increase.

You can use County and State filters to select the county that you’d like to see more details on throughout the dashboard.

These insights will give you a high-level understanding of potential factors to consider when thinking about expansion.

Get access to the interactive report and insightful blog to begin looking at the MA Enrollment trends from last year’s OE period.

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