Migrate 100% of your data platform to the cloud successfully

When it comes to modernizing their data stack using the cloud, some enterprises seem to be stumped. They spend months, if not years, finalizing their cloud data platform only to realize that they have migrated less than 25% of their workloads successfully. While others never seem to get past the process of identifying the right tool from a vast technology landscape with countless choices.

Having delivered 100s of cloud migrations and having created multiple accelerators in the process, we have created a conveyor belt like factory model for successful cloud migrations focused on delivering tangible business value quickly. With Persistent’s migration methodology, you can get your first use case on the cloud as early as 2 weeks. You get to experience your desired-state architecture with a trial environment and establish on-going TCO and overhead with complete cost visibility. What’s more, we ensure that you migrate only the data, not the risks, by testing key use cases upfront and seamlessly migrating from trial to production.

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