Not Just an Accountant: Choosing a Construction CPA

There are countless moving parts within a construction project and a construction business every day. Every person and piece of machinery is important to the overall success of the company. For some time now, one of the most beneficial and important business relationships that contractors can have is with their CPA. 

Construction and accounting have gone together like bread and butter since the beginning of, well, building. Construction is an industry of spirit and grit. There are a vast number of variables and complexities. That’s why it’s important to have someone you trust, both to keep your books straight, and to advise you on your finances. Smith Schaffer says it best, “Industry knowledge and close collaboration are instrumental in providing construction businesses with the insight and awareness to make the best decisions and seize growth opportunities.”

But what’s the difference between a “regular” CPA and a construction CPA? What makes the best construction CPAs? And how does a contractor choose? Let’s dig in.

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