Open Enrollment During COVID-19: Reducing Financial Stress with Benefits is Critical for Success

Between uncertainty surrounding schooling and childcare, increased health expenses and more unemployment, your clients’ employees face unprecedented pressure when it comes to finances. The pandemic highlighted the need for financial wellness, which is not something that can be ignored when planning with clients. Financial stress often follows employees to work, leading to lower productivity, and even absences due to physical illness.

Download this guide now to get a full understanding of the financial wellness problem, as well as how clients can help their employees. Topics include:

  • Popular options such as HSAs, FSAs & HRAs
  • The rising importance of caregiver benefits
  • Other ways to help workers, including loans, educational sessions, and mental health support

While open enrollment is when clients lean on you the most, discussing these types of issues is invaluable throughout the year. Ensure they see you as a trusted teammate with smart advice and valuable solutions.

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