Practical Business Continuity and DR Solutions for Investcorp

Investcorp is an international investing firm with five offices in New York, London, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Abu Dhabi. The Bahrain data center stores all the client account data and hosts the application software. Due to the long distance between the data center and other offices, the greatest threat is a loss of telecommunications. The most important challenges for Investcorp as an investing company are ensuring security and guaranteeing business continuity in all cases.

The company deployed Sangfor WAN Optimization devices in the data center in Bahrain and the office in London to reduce the replication time and ensure business continuity.

“We have been able to improve our business because the way we had our infrastructure meant we would have had to, in some circumstances, restore from tape. Now it is close to real time replication and that is only achievable by having the Sangfor WAN optimization products,” said Mike Samatos, Head of Technology at Investcorp.


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