Best Practices for Courting & Hiring Tech-Savvy Millennials

There are many challenges to managing millennials in the workplace, and in this article, we hope to provide some insight and helpful tips…

Treating Millennials as Individuals

Though there are some general characteristics that this group shares overall, their overriding feature is that they are fiercely individualistic. This means basically that they wish to be treated particularly and not as a number. This also translates into managers spending time getting to know the driving desires behind those on their team, since they are likely to vary. It can no longer be assumed that an employee simply desires the 9 to 5 routine or even that they will choose their place of employment for reasons that are obvious. Employers will have to dig deeper.

Offering Individualized Service 

This one can be tough, but what it boils down to is flexibility and a willingness to be open to doing things a little bit differently. For example, millennials are known to be highly desirous of feedback from their superiors, even on a daily basis. This not only requires bosses to be aware of their employees’ performance down to the minutia, but it also necessitates creating a system whereby they can give thoughtful and precise criticism on a regular basis.

Providing Freedom of Choice

The time when organizations could take certain things for granted is, unfortunately, over. Staples like the 40-hour workweek, one or two weeks of vacation, and coming to the office to work, can no longer be assumed. Millennials would often prefer to that their vacation times be longer and scheduling more fluid, that the days they come in be more open to interpretation, and that they can opt to work on site, at home, or a combination of the two.

Promoting Your Own Technology

It is no understatement that millennials at one with their technology. For brands to connect with younger users, it is imperative that they strive to promote it more. Using social media like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook is a must as is creating sponsored content and blog posts,

Listening to Employee Concerns, Ideas

Millennials are on a mission to engage in meaningful work that impacts their communities and the world at large. Listening to their ideas will keep management abreast of their values and will keep millennials from disengagement due to frustrations from feeling unfulfilled.

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