Staking your Claim on Your Local Dental Market

You don't want to be the annoying guy from Wyoming taking a little bit of gold from everyone. You need to make a choice and then stake your claim! In this episode, we discuss the finding your local market and making it yours.

Podcast Highlights:

  • "I'm disappointed with what I did previously and want the 1 thing that will help me next"
  • Is there ONE trick that will get you new patients?
  • Staking your claim on the patients around you
  • The multiple front approach required
  • What worked in the old days vs. now 
  • What's your "marketing universe?"
  • Building the biggest, nicest, funnest practice
  • Why do so many dentists use price incentives?
  • Patients who pick price incentives vs. patients who pick quality of dental care
  • "The cheap dentist in town"
  • The bell curve on patients
  • How long until pricing-based promotions have diminishing returns?
  • How long until quality promotions have diminishing returns?
  • How far will patients drive to get to your practice?

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