The Full Potential

Let’s come roaring out of the gates in this book with a secret.

Being a great coach, helping others achieve their fullest potential, is both a skillset and a mindset. 


Mind blown.

Or mindset blown, if you aren’t already in the right one (which you likely are since you’re reading this book). 

So let’s assume you are, and that you don’t, by the way, need me to lay out the case for the need to coach. This isn’t global warming, and you’re not a small-minded politician, so no need to make the case. Helping others achieve their fullest potential helps the business, helps the person, and helps you, all in profound ways. 

Case closed. Judge Judy style.

So back to that mindset. 

It turns out that the most effective coaches see the world differently. 

They have a specific mindset engrained, one that serves as a launching pad for the coaching outcomes with the greatest trajectory.  

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