The Greenfield Field Guide for Insurers

Unhindered by legacy mindsets, processes and systems, greenfield initiatives can enable insurers to innovate quickly and freely.

Greenfields operate separate from the mothership to identify and exploit unmet customer needs in ways the parent has not been able to. They start small, test, learn and adjust until an offer is ready to scale. In this manner, they combine what’s possible from a new build with the capital resources and savvy associated with an established firm.

This eBook helps insurers evaluate a greenfield approach and the strategies and technologies behind greenfield success.

Find answers to these questions:

  • How do we evaluate whether greenfield is right for us?
  • How does greenfield impact our traditional book?
  • How can greenfield serve as a path to enterprise transformation?
  • What does a technology platform based on a greenfield approach look like?
  • What key characteristics should we expect in a greenfield technology platform?

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