The Remote Auditor: What’s Next for the Profession

As with nearly every type of business around the world, the definition of “normal operations” has been redefined for internal audit as a result of the pandemic. Within internal audit functions, audit plans were altered, site visits were put on hold, and new ways of carrying out daily responsibilities emerged.

Organizations have permanently altered many of their processes and procedures — but to what extent? And how do they plan to support the profession going forward? These are the questions The Remote Auditor: Challenges, Opportunities, and New Ways of Working aims to answer. Strengthening relationships, investment in technology, and developing critical skills will be essential.

Download the full research report to learn more about these major takeaways, including:

  • Addressing the challenge of weakened relationships with audit stakeholders in a remote or hybrid environment.
  • Investing in technology will continue, with benefits to collaboration, information access, assurance methods, and more.                
  • Sustaining a positive culture in a remote environment and regularly keeping a pulse on it — should not be overlooked.
  • Cultivating a more adaptive and intentional mindset, as well as developing communication skills, will be key to success.

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