Three big ideas driving the next wave of benefits innovation

The challenges working families face aren’t new, and the last 20 months have added additional layers of complexity, uncertainty and burnout and mental health challenges for working parents and their children. Working families are at a tipping point and relying on employers to acknowledge the increased need for better, holistic family support to attract and retain working parents and enable better wellbeing for the whole family.

Join Sarahjane Sacchetti, CEO at Cleo and Amber Valentine-Minion, Licensed Psychologist and Clinical Lead at Cleo on Tuesday, January 18th as they reflect on lessons from the last two years and the three big takeaways that will inform a new horizon:

  • Caregivers are your greatest asset—and they’re waiting for you to act.
  • Flexible work is in charge and there’s no going back.
  • Yesterday's measurements and metrics don't belong to tomorrow's companies

In this discussion you’ll learn:

  • How the last 20+ months have impacted working families and what the data shows.
  • The importance of understanding holistic working family needs and how employers can support them with a holistic benefits strategy.
  • Progressive employers with significant investment in DEI, including DEI leaders and family-focused roles, will continue to stay ahead of the curve and retain talent.

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