WAN Management Strategies for 2021 and Beyond

Change is the only constant with today’s wide-area network (WAN). Internet connectivity, multi-cloud architectures, software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) adoption, and pandemic-driven work-from-anywhere initiatives have turned today’s networks upside-down. But one thing hasn’t changed. The business expects applications to be at peak performance on the network.

It’s up to the network management team to operationalize the evolving WAN. If you’re struggling to keep up, this webinar will help you chart a path toward operational excellence.

Watch this replay to learn:

  • How enterprises maintain SD-WAN visibility as they migrate from MPLS to internet-based WAN
  • Best practices for monitoring and troubleshooting SD-WAN technology
  • Strategies for supporting end-user experience for home workers
  • How active network monitoring solutions can help measure application performance across the network and into the cloud

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