Want to reduce the total cost of engineering at your organization?

Is your engineering organization maximizing its full capability? During more than 30 years of experience driving agile, DevOps, and platform transformations with our clients, we have observed that most are utilizing less than 30%.

A host of "silver bullet" strategies and schools of thought have emerged that respond to these issues. ‘Developer Experience (DX)’. ‘Engineering excellence.’ ‘Developer productivity.’ Each has its own merits, but ultimately, each addresses only a subset of the aspects of the overarching goal — end-to-end engineering effectiveness.

What’s been missing is a field-tested and data-driven framework and methodology that combines the various platform technologies, engineering practices and developer experience approaches under an overarching measurement and governance model.

In this article, we explore the waste and friction that create drag on engineering productivity and introduce a holistic framework for Engineering Effectiveness that can help leaders transform their software value stream, do more with less, accelerate the impact of their investments and keep hold of tech talent for longer.

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