Why Alvarez Technology Group puts client security first

Finding ways to monitor and report on a client’s entire tech environment was an important goal for Alvarez Technology Group to monitor security. Keeping their client’s assets up-to-date and protected was the security-first approach they wanted to take in order to keep their clients safe and secure. 

“Our mission is to keep clients safe, secure, and successful,” CEO, Luis Alvarez said. “So whether we are recommending a product or service, we approach it from a security-first perspective.”

To get a comprehensive look at their clients' vulnerabilities, Alvarez used ScalePad’s asset lifecycle report to easily see outdated hardware in their environments. This has helped Alvarez Technology Group prevent security breaches and assisted in collaboration with cyber liability insurance investigations. 

With the increased sophistication of cyber and ransomware attacks, Alvarez Technology Group has taken a security-first approach. They have used ScalePad’s comprehensive reports to help with insurance assessments, while gaining visibility into everything their clients have in their environment so they can accurately monitor and strategically plan for possible security breaches.

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