Wiley Workforce Solutions, Introduces The New Gold Standard Of The Assessment Industry

Presented by Wiley Authorized PXT Select Partner John Beck, CEO of The Assessment Company. Join John LIVE as he presents to you in your own personal one on one event at a convenient time that works for you and your team! You’ll learn about advanced breakthrough technology that is changing the employee assessment industry for decades to come. This will be an Aha! Moment for any Human Resource professional that attends. This is a must see event!

In this 45 minute, one-on-one consultation, you'll learn:

  • X-rays vs MRIs
  • Why Fit Matters
  • Their Secret Revealed
  • Why Assessments Often Fail
  • Fix Vs Adaptive Assessments
  • Adaptive Assessments Explained
  • Unlock Organization DNA
  • Unboxing PXT Select Assessments

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