2021 State of Virtual Events

With Covid-19 restrictions rolling back and millions of vaccines now available nationwide, marketers are eager to get back to business with some semblance of normal. However, this return to normalcy is somewhat paradoxical, because although the industry is growing restless behind its screens, work-related travel isn’t high up on to-do lists. In fact, during an informal meeting, many Demand Gen Report advisory board members expressed that their No. 1 priority when resuming travel will be visiting their loved ones.

Throughout this report, we’ll discuss:

  • How to create more targeted, personalized events;
  • The multiple uses of feedback to refine future and live events;
  • How to reimagine your webinar program;
  • The role of planning and data in virtual events;
  • Tactile elements to promote engagement and increase registrant attendance; and how to create productive networking opportunities

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