6 Essential Content Types For Your Candidate Experience

Creating and sharing compelling content can help bring your story, mission and values to life in an authentic way.

“Content is King” is a phrase heard over and often in the marketing world, and this phrase is becoming even more important for talent acquisition professionals looking to engage top candidates.We’re bringing you one talent expert and one marketing expert to help you connect the dots and understand how to work effectively across teams to create the content you need to take your candidate experience to the next level.

Watch Toni Thompson, VP of People and Talent at The Muse and Robert Mattson, VP of Marketing at Smashfly as they bring their unique perspectives to help talent acquisition teams break down the essential content types for candidate experience.    

You'll gain insight on:

  • How you can leverage the 6 essential content types in your candidate experience
  • Examples of how you can create, store and maintain your content
  • Tips for managing the relationship between marketing and talent acquisition

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