9 Experience Trends in 2022 for the Mobile Consumer

Airship’s global survey of 9,000 consumers shows that 36% of respondents worldwide said they would likely share their activities across unrelated websites and apps in return for personalized interactions and special incentives.

A lingering pandemic, continuing supply chain and inflation concerns, and preference for all things mobile means both customers and brands are relying more than ever on apps. 

  • How will this macro trend play out in 2022? 
  • Will customers continue to prioritize the mobile app over other channels? 
  • Will brands evolve customer experiences to meet new demands?
  • What will be the long-term impact of COVID-19 on customer behavior and app design? 
  • How will consumers and brands negotiate reciprocal value exchanges that create greater value for everyone involved? 
  • How will brands respond to fundamental platform changes? 
  • What do consumers really, truly, care about? 

Get data-informed insights into customer behavior summarized in 9 Experience Trends for the Mobile Consumer.

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