A Guide to Cloud Data Warehouse [2021]

Lower your total cost of ownership for data storage

Empowering business users with real time decision support systems relies on a high performance and scalable data infrastructure which seamlessly integrates with multiple data sources. Today, cloud data warehouses offer a host of benefits including unmatched availability, security, improved scalability, better disaster recovery and seamless access to data at much lower operating costs than on premise infrastructure.

Transitioning to a cloud data warehouse calls for a methodical, well planned approach that mitigates implementation risks and enables businesses to drive successful analytics initiatives. The whitepaper discusses how companies can embark on a cloud first data strategy to store and manage data in the cloud.

What’s inside:
- Introduction to cloud data warehouse
- The benefits and challenges of cloud adoption
- Organizational capabilities needed to switch to a cloud data warehouse
- Key considerations in building a cloud data warehouse
- Approach to a data migration strategy
- A comparison of cloud data warehouse options
- A comparison of popular cloud data warehouse options

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