Broker Tips: Bring Confidence and Productivity Back to the Worksite

As the country starts to move to the next stages of reopening, you have a unique opportunity to help clients develop responsible return-to-work plans. By helping them offer and implement a comprehensive virtual care solution, clients can ensure employee safety remains a top priority. Your assistance in this process could be invaluable. 

Download this guide now to learn about key factors your clients must consider as they make their plans and receive 5 tips that will help them re-open with confidence. Topics covered include:

  • The benefits of virtual care, such as increased access to high-quality care and virtual mental health consultations
  • The importance of staying informed about local pandemic data trends
  • Different tactics clients can use as they contemplate a return
  • Specific recommendations for monitoring employee health and what to do if an employee tests positive for COVID-19
  • And more… 

Act now to give your clients the guidance they need in this uncertain time.

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