Changing the Game: Do CHROs Need a New Conversation?

HR is the foundation of your organization, defining corporate culture and cultivating relationships for success. From core HR transactions to focusing on talent and strategic initiatives, CHROs must create and drive a brand new conversation… one that uses transactional impact to achieve transformational results that harness the very best talent.

In this Webinar, we will explore how CHROs are shifting the conversation around the role of HR and examine key converging trends, including:
  • How both work and the workforce are evolving for the future
  • Leveraging the role of core HR as a catalyst for change to meet new needs and opportunities
  • Using core and talent-based HR to transform relationships throughout the organization – adding value for governing, strategic, operational, and tactical stakeholders at every level
Transform the way people engage with HR for better business outcomes. Register today for this informative Webinar.

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