Clean Rooms – A Safe Place to Share Data

Facing a digital data explosion - and changed consumer landscape - creating truly magical guest experiences today, relies on having the right data. 

Clean Rooms, as a safe and privacy-compliant space where two or more parties can share data, are not new. But with that right place to share data, Disney would have the power to seamlessly reach guests everywhere. 

Now, as global brands look for new ways to align and share data in privacy-compliant data exchanges, Disney has a new opportunity to power the magical experiences guests know and love. 

This Acxiom Point of View uncovers insights to help Disney better understand the opportunity that Clean Room’s collaborative data exchanges present, including:

  • How a Clean Room could help you work with potential partners for more meaningful loyalty programs 
  • The opportunity for stronger customer engagement, reach and co-marketing
  • Key applications and primary use cases for collaborative data exchanges
  • Current market dynamics driving immediate opportunity for marketers
  • Successful components and features to drive better business results

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