CU PaymentsOutlook: How Active Member Relationships Drive Long-Term Growth

In collaboration with CO-OP, EY conducted a market research survey of 2,000 credit union members and 1,000 prospects across all regions of the U.S. to determine preferred banking behaviors. Research shows financial consumers' needs have changed in recent years. 

To address these evolving needs and expectations, credit unions must develop a comprehensive strategy to address the member experience by employing “needs-based segmentation” to better serve their members. 

Download this white paper for tips and deeper insights into the survey results;  including:

  • How the financial landscape is evolving
  • What is at the center of the primary financial relationship
  • 3 keys to gaining active primary financial relationships
  • Top 10 most impactful features for members and prospects
  • What credit unions need to do now

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