Cybersecurity QuickStart Bundle: Built for Success

There are many ways businesses realize they need to improve their cybersecurity: Requirements from customers and vendors. Compliance and regulations. Insurance and third-party risk assessments. The Board of Directors. The list just keeps growing.

The challenge is, cybersecurity can be complicated (and expensive) with a lot of moving parts. It’s about so much more than quick software you might install on your computer: plans, policies, procedures, education, training, scanning, and more. There is no silver bullet, cybersecurity today is like your health: It’s a posture, not a project.

So, where do you begin? This Cybersecurity QuickStart Guide: Built for Business from Defendify simplifies the conversation and will help you get your cybersecurity program off the ground as easy as ABC.

Take action with the included Defendify Cybersecurity Essentials Package: 3 free tools to help you know where you stand

  • Cybersecurity Assessment Tool
  • Vulnerability Scanner
  • Threat Alerts System

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