Dental Marketing Deceptions

Dental Marketing Deceptions will teach you what is important, what is not important and WHY it is not important when considering the services of a dental marketing firm. With the transition from traditional marketing to digital marketing, literally thousands of people came out of the woodwork and called themselves "Dental Marketing X". With the mass increase in marketing firms to choose from, there have been a marked increase of buzzwords deployed by each new and wonderful marketer. Buzzwords are purposely used to impress you to the point of doing business. Unfortunately, by themselves, and even when combined, they don't really mean anything tangible. Certainly not tangible enough to sway your decision.

From this guide you will learn:

  • Why website traffic doesn't matter
  • Why clicks don't matter
  • Why cost per click doesn't matter
  • Even why calls don't matter
  • Learn what DOES matter

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