Development Reporting 101: A Guide to Designing Insightful Reports

What do you need to make the best strategic decisions for your nonprofit’s future? There is power in numbers, and the answer lies in good development reporting!

Development is critical to your organization’s impact, and good development reporting will enable you to make the best use of your development resources to achieve the highest results possible.

Insightful development reports have the power to:

  • Foster a culture of philanthropy through the organization
  • Position development as vital to the overall organization and its impact
  • Educate key staff and board members on an ongoing basis
  • Improve year-over-year development results
  • Expand the organization’s impact
  • Promote a greater understanding of donor motivations and desired impact

Are you ready to transform your nonprofit organization? Take a look at this helpful guide to learn how to build development reports that will help you strategically pursue your goals!

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