Digital Transformation in Finance: Upskilling for a Data-Driven Age

Over the past decade, big data and digital technologies have disrupted industries and consumer behavior alike. IDC and Statista estimate that the volume of data generated experienced a thirtyfold increase in the past ten years alone (Statista). None is more equipped to take advantage of this data deluge than the financial services industry. However, just as it is rife with opportunity, the financial services industry meets unique challenges when seeking a data-enabled digital transformation.

While compliance, data quality, and infrastructure are key challenges standing in the way of operationalizing data science at scale, no challenge is more pressing than the data fluency skills gap. In this white paper, we outline the unique challenges when upskilling for data fluency in finance, the highest impact data science use cases financial services organizations can start implementing today, and the skills needed to get them off the ground.

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