Discover How Pioneering HR and Finance Leaders Align Workforce Costs to Their Business Model

Key business challenges such as cost reduction, digital transformation and regulatory compliance are driving the adoption of workforce analytics across both HR and Finance functions. An organisation’s people are its most valuable and often most costly asset. That’s why HR, Finance and Operations leaders are collaborating closely to determine the true cost and value of work being carried out as well as identify smarter operating models for greater efficiency. In this report, we share insights to help you transform workforce planning and forecasting. The report reveals research findings on workforce analytics, carried out with 400 HR and Finance decision makers.

View our report today to discover:

·         Top strategic priorities for businesses over the next 12 months

·         Key questions that Finance leaders should be addressing to achieve business goals

·         Quantified benefits that leading organisations gain from adopting workforce analysis and modelling software

·         The emergence of an ‘Operational Planning and Analysis’ internal capability focused on strategic workforce planning

·         Five steps to start your journey towards ‘Operational Planning and Analysis’

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