Driving Enterprise Value Through Cost Management

Expense Reduction Analysts’ Driving Enterprise Value Through Cost Management white paper can help your business leverage your finance function as a strategic partner and catalyst for growth.

This research, conducted by CFO Research of Industry Dive in partnership with ERA, found a direct correlation between how well a company performs and whether it values external advice on identifying and assessing cost savings.

Around 166 CFOs, CEOs, and other executives across 18 industries in the United States agree they rely on the finance department to provide real-time data on the business’ success and pivot when necessary. Ensuring your finance department has the time, resources, and team required to find and leverage cost savings opportunities is crucial in ensuring business growth  — allowing your company to invest in new initiatives.

Whitepaper topics include:

  • Propelling growth & recovery post-pandemic
  • Fast-tracking organizational goals
  • Utilizing CFOs & the finance department as strategic partners
  • Accessing advanced technologies & industry insights when your organization lacks internal resources

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