Free e-Book: Sales and Use Tax Compliance for Dummies


In any economic environment, your goal for your business is to increase the bottom line, and you can do that in two ways: by increasing sales or by reducing costs. One of the hidden costs of doing business is the cost of effectively and accurately charging and remitting sales tax. Most U.S.‐based businesses have some sales tax liability and often also have use tax liability. And, contrary to popular belief, your business doesn’t need to be a retail business to incur the liabilities for these taxes. If you do business outside the United States, you may have additional sales tax requirements. The rules in the U.S. are complicated enough that this book focuses just on those and doesn’t consider rules of taxing authorities outside the United States. Okay, so, you’re ready to comply with sales and use tax regulations . . . if you could just figure them out. They’ve always been complicated, and, in recent years, with states trying to increase their revenues, the rules have gotten even more complex. Although it might seem overwhelming and hopeless, it’s not yet time to throw up your hands in despair! You have options, and this book helps you explore them.

Learn to:

  • Understand sales and use tax and comply with regulations
  • Determine nexus and what it means
  • Better manage reseller certificates

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