From Fragile to Agile: Content at Your Fingertips

There are two types of campaigns: those on your radar for months—and those that need to be launched yesterday. Let's talk about the latter. Whether you need to react to the cancellation of upcoming in-person events, the potential disappearance of one of your biggest channels, the acquisition of a competitor, a cyberattack, or another unexpected issue, being able to react quickly can save you from failure.

Join Uberflip and a panel of marketers as they discuss:

  • How having centralized content armed their teams in the most dire situations
  • Secrets to tackling challenge and change in the market at a moment's notice
  • The key to ensuring relevant, impactful content is available and ready to address the changing needs of their audiences
  • The metrics that let them know they're on the right track—and where to go from there

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