How Allianz Upskilled 6,000+ Employees Across the Globe with DataCamp

Allianz is a Global financial services provider (Insurance and Asset Management). More than 155,000 employees worldwide and customers in over 70 countries make Allianz one of the world’s leading insurers and asset managers. Allianz customers receive both personal and corporate insurance services, from life insurance to health insurance, and the company manages around 809 billion euros on behalf of its customers.

This case study explores how Allianz successfully upskilled over 6,000 employees worldwide during a pandemic and produced personalized capstone projects tailored to the different roles in the company. Custom Projects allowed Allianz’s workforce to go from learning new skills to applying them to solve insurance-specific business use cases.

“Insurance has a specific value proposition and business model, so it was important to give our colleagues the opportunity to apply their learnings to as close to real-insurance use cases as possible.” – Elizabeth Reinhart, AI and Data Analytics Capability Building Senior Manager, Allianz

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