How Innovative Marketers are Reaching Customers Based on Core Values

Sophisticated marketers know their customers are more than a list of demographic data and past purchase decisions.

The key to attracting and retaining loyal customers is appealing to their core values: the reason they get up in the morning. Career ambition, social status, or a commitment to sustainable living. 
Innovative marketers are layering valuegraphics  — a new global mapping of core human values developed by bestselling author David Allison — onto existing demographic and psychographic data. 

You’re invited to join Allison for a virtual keynote presentation with exclusive insights into how valuegraphics can affect purchasing decisions, using data from a large-scale research study of PayPal shoppers across sectors and platforms. You’ll learn: 

  • the latest behavioral science around values and purchasing decisions;
  • how to utilize specific CX and UX tactics to drive customer acquisition;
  • actionable ways you can leverage valuegraphics data through customer touchpoints

You’ll also receive a complimentary  digital copy of Allison’s bestselling book, “We Are All the Same Age Now: Valuegraphics, and the End of Demographic Stereotypes.”

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