How the Insurance Industry is handling the Cookie Crunch

When Google announced the delayed phase-out of third-party cookies, Insurance leaders everywhere breathed a sigh of relief. After all, that means more time to prepare. 


Yet, 14% of Insurance leaders still fear the loss of business post third-party cookie deprecation. The battle is far from over, and the transition will come sooner than you think. 


We surveyed some of the top Insurance brands and top-level executives across P&C, Life, and Health Insurance to find out how they’re preparing for the looming ‘cookiepocalypse’.

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  • Our six key areas of understanding, which include business impact, omnichannel tracking, ability to execute, and more
  • The pros and cons of either developing your own first-party data answers or relying on partners to develop a solution
  • How Acxiom can prepare you to align with your metrics and customers

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