Human Capital – The Science of Valuing People on the Balance Sheet

The idea of human capital is that the contribution of people to the organization can be quantified as an organization asset.    

OPD-Theory is the only thoroughly scientific theory of organizations, grounded on in-depth intellectual analysis. It is derived from the only general theory of psychology itself derived from the revision of global social science. OPD positions HRM as the key driver of business results and is a direct link between daily citizen work behavior and the national economy. It offers the potential to improve organization EBIT, improve staff work fulfillment, lift the status of HR in organization leadership, and lift status of HR in social development and political economic management.  

A general theory of psychology applies to interpret all aspects and all outputs of humanity. Think of it as a ‘lens’ one looks through to ‘understand’. Each book is written from a location in the organizations and describes what the organization ‘looks like’ and ‘how to do it’ through the lens from that location.

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